795,000 تومان

ساک تنیس 9 راکتی هد اکستریم

  • ابعاد: L81cm x W36cm x H33cm
  • رنگ: مشکی/زرد



  • محصول سال 2017 شرکت هد
  • مواد:80% پلیستر و 20% پلوتونیوم
  • دارای دوبنده برای حمل راحت تر
  • دارای دو قسمت اصلی برای 9 راکت به همراه CCT+
  • دارای یک جیب داخلی
  • دارای یک جیب خارجی


The EXTREME 9R Supercombi comes with a special design, but packs the same heat. Up to nine racquets will comfortably fit in the two spacious compartments while one inside mesh pocket and the outside pocket provide additonal space for quick access. The unique 2-way carry system lets you pick whether you want to flip the bag over your shoulder or onto your bag for extra flexibility while on the road. And the climate control technology CCT+ in one of the main compartments keeps your racquets protected from higher temperatures. Slightly smaller than the range’s 12R Monstercombi, the 9R Supercombi is still a radical supporter while travelling.

توضیحات تکمیلی

نوع ساک

9 راکته


L81cm x W36cm x H33cm



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