Graphene Touch Speed 135

1,800,000 تومان

وزن بدون زه: ۱35 گرم
بالانس: سر سبک
الگوی زه: 12/17, 16/17
اندازه صفحه: ۷۸ اینچ
اندازه فریم: ۲۰ میلی متر

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مشخصات کامل محصول:

 FRAME WEIGHT: 135 g / 4.8 oz
STRING PATTERN: 12/17, 16/17
HEAD SIZE: 500 cm² / ۷۸ in²
GRIP SIZE: 3 7/8
BALANCE: head light
LENGTH: 685 mm
BEAM: 20 mm

تکنولوژی به کار رفته در این محصول:


LESS SHOCK. MORE WOW. For improved shock absorption upon impact, delivering unparalleled touch without compromising on the power level of Graphene

  • A Revolutionary Throat Design
    The next generation of HEAD’s Corrugated Technology (CT2) incorporates corrugated rails on all sides of the racquet throat resulting in explosive power on every shot.
  • More power or more control – now you can have it all in one squash racquet. The new Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) technology allows you to choose between two different pattern depending on your individual style of play and personal needs. You can choose between the straight string pattern to maximize your power game and the special fan-shaped pattern to optimize your ability to control the ball. The new AFP technology is available in the new Radical & Speed racquet series.

توضیحات تکمیلی

وزن بدون زه

135 گرم


سر سبک

الگوی زه


اندازه صفحه

۷۸ اینچ

اندازه فریم

۲۰ میلی متر

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